Hello 👋

My name is Wesley but I go by wes. And this is my website. I love to code, play games, listen to music, and sometimes dabble in photography.
I mostly make websites and I some day hope to make a successful game. If you need to get in contact with me, you can add me on discord (@westhecool) or join my discord server: https://discord.gg/g9drMQhn7S

Explore my interests: Programming Gaming Photography


I have been coding for about 5 years and I am mostly self-taught.
I mostly code in Python, JavaScript, Node.js, and a bit of c/c++. I am currently trying to make custom firmware for this watch.

I have also started a development group: Quantum Studios.

My Github

My Discord bots

Meme Bot is a bot that sends random memes form Reddit in multiple different languages.

Minecraft Server Stats is a bot that displays the stats of a Minecraft server. (Is the server up, player count, server version, etc.) It works with java and bedrock servers.

Websites I have made


QuantumsStore was a new game store targeting individual developers. The project was never finished and was officially put on hold on 8/13/2023;
because we believed that it would have a hard time competing against other game stores.

Simple Auth

Simple Auth is supposed to be a simple OAuth Service providing an easy way for developers to authenticate their users. Although we are still waiting for someone to use it.

Thunder Craft

Thunder Craft is a website I made for my Minecraft server.

My Website (v1)

My Website (v1) is the first website that I ever made. It was a personal website for me.

My Website (v2)

My Website (v2) is the second version of my personal website.

My Website (v3)

My Website (v3) is the third version of my personal website.


I also like to play video games. Some of my Favorites include: Minecraft, Roblox Doors, and Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. I occasionally post gaming clips here.


I occasionally like to dabble in photography.

Some of my photos

Older versions of my website: v1 v2 v3